But where have all the squirrels gone? New Haven’s particularly aggressive breed of squirrels are typically a common sighting during the first few weeks of school. But this year, it appears that far fewer of these furry creatures have been spotted scurrying across Old Campus — and Yalies have noticed. According to Gawker, students are “in uproar over missing campus squirrels,” and one student expressed concerns that administrators may be responsible for the squirrel “genocide.” When contacted, University Spokesman Tom Conroy said he had not heard about the incident and would ask around.

Maybe they’re in Bass? A petting zoo spontaneously sprang up in the Bass Media Center on Monday night. But unlike most petting zoos, this one didn’t feature friendly goats, baby kittens or even tiny lambs. Instead, it offered small, new pieces of media equipment that students could try out on the spot. Not quite the same thing.

Frankly, that’s disgusting. In an email to Saybrugians on Monday night, Saybrook Master Paul Hudak warned students of “weird, creepy and (frankly) disgusting things” that had been happening in Saybrook’s laundry room. Though Hudak did not specify what those things were, he said it must “stop immediately.” “I can’t imagine why someone would do those things, but it has got to stop,” Hudak added at the end of his email.

Society of scholars. Yale College Dean Mary Miller reminded students of the importance of academic integrity in a Monday email to the Yale community. Miller outlined general guidelines for ensuring compliance with the University’s undergraduate regulations — such as citing all sources for papers, even when paraphrasing — and encouraged students to peruse the Writing Center website for more information about the proper use of sources.

Wenzel in the making. Many Yalies have heard of the “Wenzel,” a legendary late-night sandwich for partygoing Yalies. But few know about “Smithy’s Sub,” named after Ward 2 aldermanic candidate Greg Smith. The sandwich, known more colloquially as “Smithy’s,” is reportedly composed of grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on garlic bread. Maybe it’s time to add some variety to that Saturday night diet.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1979 Police report that a female Yale undergraduate was attacked and raped four days earlier while jogging inside Grove Street cemetery on a Thursday afternoon. The incident marked the second time in less than a week that a Yale student had reported being rape.