Don’t ask me if I’m a freshman. Don’t do it.

// Leah Motzkin ’16


Don’t pretend to be a junior. The juniors will know you’re lying.

// Sophie Kaye ’15


Dance floor make outs are for Toad’s, not pregames.

// Glory Norman ’16


Ladies: check the next day’s weather before you choose to stay over somewhere. Your heels/your hook-up’s flip-flops are problematic if it snowed overnight.

// Eleanor Michotte ’15


Don’t drink the water

// Andrew Kahn ’14


Late night swims in the New Haven harbor are really fun?

// David Kemper ’13


Bring a pair of socks when you go work in Sterling — it gets cold, and it’s impossible to think when your feet are cold.

// TaoTao Holmes ’14


Befriend the senior citizens who inexplicably show up in your classes. They are older (obviously) and wiser than you.

// Isaac Stanley-Becker ’16


Study abroad: just do it (you won’t regret it).

// Djenab Conde ’15


Don’t trust my advice.

// Jackson McHenry ’15