By now, all of you have surely seen Business Insider’s list of “The 26 Most Impressive Students at Yale Right Now.” If you haven’t, turn to the person nearest you and ask them to introduce you to the internet. Go on, I’ll wait…

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page, I have two thoughts rattling around in the ol’ brain-box regarding this matter.

1. When did the whole “getting into Yale” thing stop being enough?

My immediate reaction was not so much dejection as it was genuine shock and awe that other people apparently aren’t still riding the ego train after getting accepted into Yale in the first place. I’m still feeling that high two years later, but it seems that, for these 26 Yalies, acceptance letters were mere gateway drugs to “even more awesome.”

2. Are any of them single?

I call this “preemptive gold-digging.”

While I wait for my plans to bask in the success of one of these 26 for the rest of my life to pan out, I’d like to propose a different plan for the other ~5353 members of the unwashed undergraduate masses. We need something to fortify our delicate senses of self against future reminders that our “size of fish : size of pond” ratio plummeted upon enrolling here. That “something” is what I like to call “Operation: Embracing Mediocrity.”

Here’s how it works: stop feeling shame about your averageness by instead shoving it in the world’s face! Claim your unflappable mediocrity as your own, dammit, and demand that the world be okay with it!

I personally will do this in the form of a Facebook status, but if you’re more of a Google+ or “stripping naked and writing it on your body” type of person, go ahead. At any rate, here’s the format:

Name: Karin Tyler Shedd

Has had marginal success at: getting into college, writing pithy blog posts, reminiscing about getting into college, making the occasional video.

Is pretty “meh” at: starting papers prior to two days before the due date, eating with chopsticks, attaining and retaining a significant other, being productive over spring break, any athletic pursuit that takes place outside of a pool.

Greatest accomplishment of late: posted a comment in the “Overheard at Yale” Facebook page that garnered a whopping 102 ‘likes.’

I wish the impressive 26 Yalies all the best in reveling in this completely unbiased commendation of their successes. But for the rest of us: ¡Vive le “meh”!