The results are in: Harvard is “REALLY better” than Yale, according to an article published Tuesday by Business Insider.

In its analysis, Business Insider compared Harvard and Yale across six different categories: cost, academics, job prospects, campus, student body and student life. While the authors found that Harvard and Yale came out equal in academic prowess, they concluded that Harvard offers better job prospects, campus and student body. Yale came away with only a win in the student life category.

The article’s fiercely logical analysis is marked by only a few flaws. For one, it said Harvard edged out Yale in “student body.” In addition, the article praised Yale’s student body for scoring higher SAT scores and producing multiple Rhodes scholars, but the category was ultimately given to Harvard “for its slightly lower admission rate — when you’re talking single-digit percentages, one percent matters.” Really?

We call BS. Just take a look at who’s coming to Yale for Spring Fling for proof.