As the uncontested candidate for YCC events director, Eli Rivkin ’15 hopes to showcase all of Yale’s talents.

While Rivkin plans to continue the traditions of the “Fall Show” and “Last Comic Standing,” he said he feels YCC events showcasing “student musical talent” are lacking. This academic year, he spearheaded a two-hour event at Koffee on Audobon, which featured performances by student musicians.

Rivkin joined the YCC as an associate at the start of his freshman year. A member of YCC’s events committee for the past two years, Rivkin served on this year’s Spring Fling committee and led last fall’s “Last Comic Standing.”

Rivkin said he is suited for the job because he has a vision for the future and the experience to put that vision into practice.

“On day one, I’d be able to immediately facilitate those discussions [between YCC members],” he said, adding that his approachability is an asset. His efforts to constantly walk around and talk to fellow students makes it easy for them to come to him with suggestions, he said.

Rivkin’s friends said he fits the bill for the position of events director because he is organized and likes to have fun.

“His room is spotless,” his suitemate Jack Schlossberg ’15 said.

Andrea Villena ’15, YCC secretary, said Rivkin is “detail-oriented,” a quality necessary to put together a successful event. Rivkin is also able to keep track of venues, pubicity and audience types, she said, and is able to approach problems from every angle.

“Eli works hard and plays hard, so [events director] is a perfect role for him” said Edward Han Myo Oo ’15, Rivkin’s friend and fellow co-founder of the Myanmar Project. While Rivkin likes social events and parties — he went to Cancun for spring break — Myo Oo said there are many sides to Rivkin’s personality. Rivkin backpacks and led a high school photography trip to Myanmar, which he has visited three times.

According to Schlossberg, Rivkin also gets things done.

“Eli hates cockroaches, so when he saw one crawling on the floor of the room, he personally saw to it that the exterminator was at the door within 30 minutes,” he said.

Rivkin was born in Los Angeles, but attended high school in Paris, where he currently lives.