• Proposals to change Yale’s grading system have been tabled until next fall, said Yale College Dean Mary Miller. At today’s Yale College faculty meeting, the Ad-Hoc Committee on Grading presented a report to the faculty that recommended the college adopt a 100-point grading scale and a suggested grade distribution rubric. Though some of the committee’s proposals to increase the transparency of grading across departments were passed, propositions that would alter the grading system were referred back to committee for review. Miller said the committee will present again at next November’s faculty meeting.
  • As President-elect Peter Salovey continues to pack his days with meetings and speeches, he regularly takes time off to cheer on the Bulldogs from the bleachers. And student-athletes have noticed. Salovey said he has not yet decided on any policies pertaining to the athletics program, including policies regarding campus life or recruitment, and added that making any decisions before he has taken office would be premature. Still, he said he has met with a number of alumni representatives and athletic staff, including Director of Athletics Thomas Beckett, to gather information on the athletic program and assess the needs of its community. With the University preparing for a changing of the guard in Woodbridge Hall, possible changes to athletic policy on a campus where many student-athletes said they do not feel supported.
  • In a 90-page report released Thursday, the Yale-NUS Curriculum Committee unveiled the details of the Singaporean college’s curriculum and outlined the process of creating a liberal arts education from scratch. Committee members said the report, which Yale-NUS faculty have been working on since December 2012, aims to address the challenges that have arisen while drafting the curriculum’s current version, such as offering a core curriculum as well as individual majors and balancing general and specialized education. Committee Chair Bryan Garsten and committee member Charles Bailyn, who is also the Yale-NUS Dean of Faculty, said they hope the report will serve as a guide to others looking to experiment with the liberal arts in Asia and also spark conversations about curricular innovation in the United States and elsewhere.


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