Students concerned about potential changes to Yale’s grading system have launched a movement protesting the recommendations of the Yale College Ad-Hoc Committee on Grading, which is considering changing Yale’s grading system to a 100-point scale.

The movement began when Scott Stern ’15 sent an email to the Yale community in a call to arms against the committee’s recommendations that the University adopt a 100-point scale and suggest more balanced grade distributions. Citing a YCC survey in which 79 percent of students said they were opposed to the committee’s proposals, Stern encouraged interested students to email him directly if they were interested in arranging a protest before the April 4 Yale College faculty meeting, where the committee will submit a finalized set of proposals and the faculty will vote on implementation.

“I am very scared that the faculty will approve this proposal,” Stern told the News. “This change would make Yale more stressful, cutthroat, competitive, grade-grubbing, numbers-driven environment.” Stern is an opinion staff blogger and production and design staffer for the News.

Stern said he has received over 160 individual responses to his initial email, and that he and a small group of interested students met Friday at Beinecke Plaza to begin coordinating their efforts. According to the protest’s event page on Facebook, students will gather before Connecticut Hall on Thursday afternoon, an hour before the faculty meeting takes place, with signs and leaflets urging professors to vote against the proposal. Stern is also encouraging students to reach out individually to their professors and voice their concerns.

The Facebook page, “We are the 79%,” currently has 246 likes.