Jennifer Gerarda Brown will serve as the new dean of Quinnipiac University School of Law, effective July 1 this year.

Before joining the Quinnipiac law faculty in 1994, Brown taught at Emory, the University of Chicago, Georgetown, Harvard and Yale law schools. She is known for her research on mediation and conflict resolution, and has served as the director of the Quinnipiac School of Law’s Center on Dispute Resolution for nearly 15 years. Brown is also a senior research scholar and visiting lecturer in law at Yale Law School.

“We will be looking for new ways to work with our students as they plan their careers and find their core sense of purpose as problem-solving professionals,” Brown said in a press release.

One of Brown’s first responsibilities will be to oversee the law school’s move from the Mount Carmel campus in Hamden to the university’s North Haven campus.

Brown is married to Ian Ayres, a professor at Yale Law School.