A fight that broke out at Toad’s Place around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning led to a broken Yorkside window and a number of police officers flooding the scene.

According to a Toad’s employee who declined to be named, there was a “big brawl” outside and police officers at the scene were “trying to hold people down.” Police on the scene declined to comment — one cop said “everything is fine” — but employees next door at Yorkside Pizza said they witnessed fights and riots outside Toad’s Place.

“The police tased and maced people,” said Jessica Glazier, an employee at Yorkside Pizza. Glazier said the fight was ongoing and that people still had not fully cleared out as of 1:15 a.m. “The cops are out there, and they have canines out there.”

Lauren Mezznotte, another employee at Yorkside, said she saw the police use Tasers. She added that she saw a man with mace spray on his face stumble from Toad’s to Yorkside, where he punched and shattered the front window of the restaurant.

“Basically, there were too many people and we were over capacity, and many fights broke out simultaneously,” said an employee on the scene at Toad’s, who declined to identify himself. “I saw the first fight break out, and then the fire marshal came and shut us down.”

He added that rumors that the National Guard came and that there were gunshots were “fabrication.”