• Facing a projected $40 million budget deficit in the coming academic year, faculty and administrators continue to deliberate on how to close the gap. The 2013-’14 shortfall is significantly smaller than the $350 million gap between costs and operating revenue that Yale faced after the onset of the economic recession in 2008, but Provost Benjamin Polak told the News that Yale has not yet reached a sustainable budget model and continues to draw on reserve funds. Though there will be no “across-the-board” cuts this year, the University must look for ways to permanently reduce expenses, Polak said, adding that he has begun meeting with departments and divisions to discuss their budgets for the coming year.
  • Within the next two weeks, the Yale College Council will submit a report detailing student opinion on issues concerning academics, student life and athletics to President-elect Peter Salovey. The report will give recommendations about 36 topics, including mental health resources, alcohol disciplinary policy and introductory science courses for Salovey to consider as he prepares to transition to Woodbridge Hall.
  • As Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy fielded questions from the press on a report seeking to discredit the National Rifle Association on Monday, the December shooting in Newtown, Conn., that took the lives of 26 children and teachers weighed heavily. “The Newtown shooting changed everything,” Murphy said in a Tuesday email to the News. “I don’t think anybody who’s talked to the families of those children, or the survivors, or the first responders there that day wasn’t fundamentally changed by it.”

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