At first glance, the email Yale students received this morning looked like another normal update from President-elect Peter Salovey. As the Salovey imposter’s message, however, became more and more self-deprecating, it became clear that the email from was indeed a prank.

The email appeared to be an update from Salovey, correcting a Feb. 6 message to the Yale community about the new president-elect website that students, faculty, staff and alumni can use to contact Salovey with feedback.

This morning, the fake Salovey apologized for a typo, claiming his “s” key had malfunctioned during the last email and he had instead meant to write “the president-select website.” He wanted to clarify the mistake since, he added, “my appointment did not involve an election or a democratic process of any sort.”

Whether the anonymous prankster (no word yet on Pundit involvement) lightheartedly references some students’ dissatisfaction during the presidential search process or whether the prankster is actually disgruntled with Yale administrators remains unclear.

See the full text of the fake email below.

To the Yale Community:

My apologies, as I must correct a typo in my previous message. My announcement regarding the president-elect website should have read the “President-select website,” since, as you know, my appointment did not involve an election or a democratic process of any sort; rather, I was selected by Edward Bass and approved by the Yale Corporation. It seems that my “s” key was malfunctioning.

Regardless, I look forward to responding to your thoughts with statements approved by the Yale Corporation and hosting seemingly progressive panel discussions that provide no concrete solutions. I remain committed to token issues such as diversity at Yale (except as it might apply to positions of leadership) and improving the Yale-New Haven relationship (via gentrification).