What better way to kill time than by taking your shiny little neurons out for a test drive? Caleb Madison ’15, a master of the English language, delivers one of his hippest crosswords to date. If you fill out the entire puzzle and show it to him, he will emcee your next birthday bash. Happy Guessing!

And since you’re reading this online: PRINT THIS PAGE OUT! GO HAVE SOME FUN!


Caleb Madison ’15 is a sassy prodigy with locks of glossy brunette hair and a killer smile. A New Yorker through and through, Caleb will proudly tell you that his favorite Interpol song is “NYC.” He published his first New York Times crossword puzzle when he was just a bushy tailed 15-year-old — he’s got Will Shortz on speed dial. He also pro- vided the official definition of “bromance” for the Oxford English Dictionary, just because he could. Heralded by Yale News as a “world-class word- bender” (note: ‘word-bender’ is not a real word), this verbal virtuoso spends most of his time at Yale applying to creative writing courses and per- forming with the love of his life, the Viola Ques- tion. You can find him on campus eating alfalfa sprouts in the Calhoun dining hall or procrastinat- ing on Lynwood Place. Caleb is a total sweetheart — but sorry ladies/boys, this stud is taken.


1. Word that can be found scrambled in the answers to the starred clues

5. Provokes, as a memory

9. ___ Sutra

13. Opened the closet for?

14. Folk singer Guthrie

15. Fertility clinic cell

16. *September-to-May period, usually

18. Actor Jared

19. “Waterfall” card, in King’s Cup

20. *Atmospheric region threatened by carbon emissions

22. Candy with peanut and peanut butter varieties

25. Interrogator of a silent, invisible Barack at the Republican National Convention

26. “Same!”

27. One of two in a game of Settlers of Catan

29. Ice cream measurement

32. Network for political junkies

34. Beat, as in a race

35. Soak (up)

38. *Talk show host who had a 2010 time-slot controversy

40. CPR practitioner, often

41. Newsfeed part

43. Part of a squirrel’s cache

45. Famous violin, for short

46. ___ Jima, Japan

47. Syllabus schedule makeup

51. Close, as friends

53. “Let me in!!!”

54. *The solver of this puzzle, most likely

58. Spanish lady: Abbr.

59. Exclamation twice before “It’s off to work we go!”

60. *Locale of Space and Thunder Mountain

63. Smell

64. Early smartphone

65. Zellweger of “Chicago”

66. Backup singers for Gladys Knight

67. Automobile pioneer, for short

68. Fortune teller


1. Plants in the desert

2. Goddess who turned Arachne into a spider

3. DiCaprio, informally

4. Tokyo, once

5. Rapper featured on Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”

6. Cookie with a Double Stuf variety


8. Philosopher Georges who wrote “Reflections on Violence”

9. Caffeine source in some sodas

10. Member of Animal Collective with Panda Bear, Deakin and Geologist

11. TV button

12. Love, in Latin

13. Target in “Zero Dark Thirty”

17. ___ Pollos Hermanos (fast food chain in “Breaking Bad”)

21. Get drunk

23. Hip-hop’s Run-____

24. Get a bad first impression of

27. Box on a calendar

28. Holiday visitor, often

30. Captain Morgan, for one

31. Certain explosive

33. Store co-owners with mas

34. Lennon lover

35. Lecture building across from Commons

36. Giant Hall-of-Famer Mel

37. Go from a pregame to a birthday party to Toad’s, say

39. Prefix with friendly

42. Ones taking in suits, perhaps

44. Pentagon-to-Lincoln Memorial dir.

46. Queen Bee, so to speak

48. Lunatic

49. Ike or Tina

50. Digging tool seen on decks of cards

52. Couldn’t not

53. It’s mined then refined

54. “Come Hungry, Leave Happy” breakfast chain

55. “Veni, ___, vici”

56. Like some cars or condoms

57. Biblical son of Seth

61. Age meas.

62. ___ Jordan (Quidditch announced and member of Dumbledore’s army in the “Harry Potter” series)