We’re saved. Last year, the Yale College Council created a promotional website to ask students the all-important question: “What has the YCC done this year?” This year, we finally have an answer. After months of working with Yale Dining, the YCC has released its six-page comprehensive “YCC Salad Report,” which outlines specific research and recommendations regarding the salad dressing, croutons and romaine lettuce available in dining halls. Guys, #TheYCCIsOnIt.

He’s back. New Haven’s favorite graffiti artist, Believe in People, has struck Elm City walls again, this time painting the words “SUPA-THUG” in large block letters on a wall facing State Street. But that’s not all. Believe in People also drew a young girl, wearing a pink dress and staring innocently at the block letters as a used paint roller stands beside her. But what does it all mean?

May the force be with you. Last night, students in English 130 “Epic” got a taste of what their course truly means. Gathered in LC, the lucky academics watched a screening of “Star Wars” — the 1977 version that made Luke Skywalker a household name.

And another one bites the dust. Yale College Council Secretary Leandro Leviste ’15 will take the spring semester off to work on his mother’s re-election campaign in the Philippines, Leviste announced in a Thursday email to the YCC. Leviste’s departure marks the second time a YCC Executive Board member has left Yale in the past month. His replacement will be chosen by the YCC Executive Board, who will select among members of the YCC’s subsidiary bodies.

On academics. Last night, the YCC also released a report on this year’s changes to the academic calendar, which discussed the introduction of fall break and shortened reading period. According to the report, the shortened reading period caused “unprecedented” amounts of stress and generally had a negative effect on students’ academic abilities. Still, 62 percent of students said they preferred having a fall break even at the cost of a shorter reading period.

Did you get your flu shot? Might want to consider that now. The number of flu deaths in the state has reached 17, according to the Connecticut’s Department of Public Health. All victims this season have been over 54 years old. Watch your health!

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1977 The Yale Corporation decides to raise fees to $6,950, marking an 8 percent increase. Administrators say the increase is necessary to offset an anticipated 6 percent national inflation rate.