I knew heaven in New Haven

For Connecticut I rave.

Say we college kids, unshaven,

“I knew heaven in the Have.”


Seeing comrades by the bevy,

Our hearts are made as light

As our shopping lists are heavy.

Then begins the ancient rite:


We rise as one at sun’s first ray

(i.e. eleven thirty, sharp).

First class missed? If asked, just say,

“I had a change of heart.”


That seminar you need to take

To satisfy your major:

It’s down the hall. A piece of cake.

“I’m getting in,” you wager.


But not so fast, my little chum.

As you round the bend, a drumroll.

Turns out it’s packed, like selfsame drum

With undeserving bumholes.


With boat-shoe’d feet, this priggish choir

Proceeds to ably render

A state of being undesired:

They’re in. You’re out. Surrender.


Drown your woes with smorgasbord.

Mop up your tears with feeding.

Between each sob you ask the lord

Why outside it’s freaking freezing.


But in that prayer redemption lies:

A faith that beyond doubt,

Winter passes, spring arrives,

And it will all work out.


The world revolves unhindered,

So we find ourselves once more

Book to nose and pen to finger,

Just as we were before.


And just as once we all were weary,

So we all shall be again.

But today I beg you dearly,

Keep perspective when you can.


I knew heaven in New Haven

Coldest winter I would brave,

For all that learning I’d been craving.

I knew heaven in the Have.