Want to impress Linda Lorimer, win a gift card and have your wit displayed for eternity in one fell swoop? The Center for Engineering Innovation and Design is hosting a logo and name competition for its new café, which will open on Jan. 22 on the first floor of the Becton Center.

Members of the Yale community may submit as many entries as they wish, individually or with a partner. Winning entries will be selected by a group of four judges including University Vice President Linda Lorimer, School of Engineering & Applied Science Dean Kyle Vanderlick, School of Art graphic design critic Michael Bierut and University Printer John Gambell.

The selected name and logo will be featured prominently both in the café and on printed materials about the space. Winners will also receive gift cards to the café for an undisclosed amount.

The contest is open until 5 p.m. on Jan. 25. Results will be announced before spring break.

There will not necessarily be a winner: The panel may also select none of the entries. So don’t embarrass yourself, Yale.