With the next break less than two weeks away, the only obstacle standing in the way of total relaxation is — well — exams. Here’s a list of the most common student concerns heading into finals. At least you’re prepared.

1. Realizing you forgot everything you learned in the class. But at least you managed to remember the name of that cute girl you met on the first day, right?

2. Brain freezing up during the exam. When you can’t remember what you studied and your best guess for “Name a country that begins with ‘C’” is “Cee Lo Green”…

3. Failing. Yale SIS: “Do you give permission to Yale to send your grades to your parents or guardians?” Hah, yeah right.

4. Balancing studying for finals with other obligations. There’s nothing worse than telling your pet hamster over Skype that you cannot read him his nightly bedtime story.

5. Procrastinating too much. I’ll start reading that chapter after I finish watching “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.”

6. Being tested on the one topic you did not study. Oh, you weren’t aware that knowing your professor’s favorite species of kangaroo was worth 85 percent of the astronomy final?

7. Not partying. Bass Library closed? Study at Toad’s.

8. Being distracted by thoughts of winter break. Mmm … that library table is starting to look like my bed …

9. Becoming sleep-deprived. Taking an exam becomes so much more enjoyable when you sleep through it.

10. No curve on the exam. That awkward moment when you realize your 15 out of 100 is not going to be an A.