• Provost Peter Salovey is working to encourage high-quality teaching among professors at Yale. The Provost’s Teaching Initiative, which Salovey announced in an email to faculty in November, will have three components: the Provost’s Teaching Award, the expansion of the Graduate Teaching Center into the Yale Teaching Center and a faculty steering committee to oversee the teaching initiative. Salovey said he has been considering starting a similar effort since he became provost in 2008.
  • College and universities across the country are increasingly removing the standardized testing requirement from their applications. More than 800 schools nationwide no longer require high school applicants to report their SAT or ACT scores, according to a list compiled by the National Center for Fair and Open Testing (FairTest). Bob Schaeffer, public education director for FairTest, said he would like to see Yale join the movement toward test-optional applications, because the University has been moving away from strictly numbers-based admissions.
  • After a Wednesday morning hearing, 10 New Haven cops claiming that they were unlawfully passed over for promotions will persist in suing the city but are no longer seeking an injunction on the city’s plans for current police promotions. Dropping their request for an injunction, they will seek retroactive promotion and monetary rewards in New Haven Superior Court in fall 2013. The injunction would have prevented the city from promoting officers based on the results of a 2011 Civil Service Board (CSB) examination. The 10 officers claim those positions are rightfully theirs because they would have been promoted to sergeant based on the results of a 2009 test.

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