Selecting Salovey’s successor. Provost and President-elect Peter Salovey sent an email to Yale faculty members last week soliciting nominations for the University’s next provost, which Salovey said should be a current member of the Yale community and an “outstanding scholar.” But the real question is whether the new provost will uphold Salovey’s most famous legacy: his moustache.

Afraid of the dark? It seems some Yalies are, according to a Yale College Council campus safety report released Tuesday. The YCC’s report, which drew information in part from a Nov. 13 crowdsourcing Google Document sent to the entire undergraduate body, said the biggest concerns Yalies have regarding safety relate to inadequate lighting. In other news, there have been nine reported crimes on or near Yale’s campus so far this term.

Blazing a trail. Two School of Management alumni are forging a new path into the cannabis industry, looking to transform the fragmented and largely untapped marijuana market into the next great American frontier. Based in Seattle, Wash., Brendan Kennedy SOM ’05 and Michael Blue SOM ’05 have formed a private equity firm called Privateer Holdings that invests in companies that deal with marijuana, but do not directly grow or sell the substance.

More grass. Like cattle, Cornell students can now lounge on the grass as they amble around Ithaca. Cornell officials have rolled out patches of grass in the school’s Olin Library in the hopes that the “cognitive relaxing effect” of grass would stimulate students’ productivity during the last few days of the semester, The Cornell Daily Sun reported Monday.

Another search begins. The search for Pierson College’s next master has begun, according to a Monday email from University President Richard Levin and Yale College Dean Mary Miller. A search committee chaired by history professor Paul Freedman and composed of several Pierson students will advise the administration during the selection process.

Hope stays strong. Fourteen years after the stabbing of Yale senior Suzanne Jovin, her parents say they still have hope that their daughter’s killer will be found. Jovin was a political science major from Germany who spent much of her time assisting mentally handicapped adults and tutoring New Haven public school children.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1961 Officials announce the construction of fallout shelters in Saybrook College and Payne Whitney Gymnasium in preparation for a possible nuclear fallout. The project will serve as a pilot program for a shelter system at Yale.