Fourteen years after the stabbing of Suzanne Jovin, the parents of the slain Yale senior say they still hold out hope that their daughter’s killer will be found.

“[We] continue to hope that the case will be solved, even after the passage of 14 years,” Jovin’s parents Thomas and Donna Jovin said to the Hartford Courant.

Suzanne Jovin was found stabbed to death on Dec. 4, 1998 on a street in a quiet New Haven neighborhood close to Yale’s campus. Originally from Göttingen, Germany, Jovin, then 21, was a political science major and spent much of her time assisting mentally handicapped adults and tutoring children in New Haven public schools.

After a team of retired state police detectives took over the case four years ago, investigators set up a tip line that generated some leads, but without much success. Although the team circulated a sketch, the lead proved inconclusive. The detectives are still “actively investigating the case” and are volunteering their time to follow leads, Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane said Monday.

“Every so often, we get new information, and that is always followed up on immediately,” Kane added. “We also have looked at the forensic evidence very closely and will do so again as technology evolves.”

Jovin’s body was found at the corner of Edgehill Avenue and East Rock Road. Jovin suffered from 17 stab wounds to the head, neck and back.

While there were no witnesses to the murder, neighborhood residents and passers-by told police they heard a woman screaming, and a man and a woman arguing shortly before Jovin’s body was discovered.

Anyone who may have information about the case is encouraged to call 203-676-1575 , the tip line that was set up in 2007.