Next time you log onto Facebook, make sure to look out for a friend request from “Yale Compliments,” a new Facebook page ostensibly created to help pass along anonymous compliments from one Yalie to the next.

According to the page’s information section, the goal of the page is to “spread joy to the Yale community.”

“Simply inbox a compliment or a message of appreciation that you may have about a member of the Yale Community, and have it published here anonymously,” the section reads. “So if there is something nice you have to say about someone but don’t feel comfortable saying it to the person’s face, inbox away.”

Less than one day after its creation, the page seems to be taking off. It already had more than 250 friends by Wednesday afternoon and had tagged roughly a dozen people with compliments. The compliments posted ranged from serious paragraphs that gushed feelings to lighthearted one-liners that were more humorous than complimentary.

“John McGowan: You looked so great with that stash brother. Bring it back!” read one compliment.

There’s no word on who created Yale Compliments, but the page is certainly generating some excitement.