Three Yale teams emerged in the top 10 of an Oct. 28 programming competition that brought together computer connoisseurs for a one-day tournament held at Stony Brook University, New York.

The competitors faced off at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, a large competition held every year that tests programming skills. Out of the nine Yalies who finished in the top 10 teams, five are freshmen or sophomores.

Cezar Mocan ’16, who was part of the top freshman/sophomore team, said in a Monday night email that he enjoyed the competition since he had not participated in such an event since high school.

A team of Mocan, Michael Hopkins ’15 and Cyril Zhang ’15 received fourth place, while the team of Mike Sumida ’13, Ruyue Tan GRD ’13 and Michael Tan ’15 placed fifth. Michael Giuffrida ’13, Benjamin Peterson ’15 and Kayo Teramoto ’15 placed eighth.

“It was a nice sentiment to feel the rush and emotions again,” Mocan said.

The teams were coached by computer science professor Michael Fischer and Yitzchak Lockerman GRD ’16, a graduate student in computer science.

The final round of the global event will be held from June 30 to July 4 at National Research University ITMO in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Forty-two teams total participated in the competition at Stony Brook.