• The Elm City has a lot at stake in this year’s presidential election. New Haven has received $26,477,616 in federal funding so far this year — in addition to $12 million from a federal education grant — that has been used to support housing, transportation and security throughout the city. But with the possibility of a new party controlling the White House and the U.S. Senate, New Haven representatives said this funding may be in jeopardy this November.
  • Juana Islas, a New Haven resident and undocumented Mexican immigrant, broke down in tears before a crowd gathered at City Hall Thursday evening as she recounted the story of how her brother Josemaria Islas may now face deportation after having just settled criminal charges against him. Islas, who is currently in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was arrested last July by the Hamden police investigating an attempted armed robbery.
  • Berkeley College may soon be known for more than just its salad bar. The college is creating an arts council — led by Master Marvin Chun, Dean Mia Genoni and Julie Reiter ’14 — which aims to encourage students to use Berkeley spaces to showcase visual art. Reiter said that unlike some colleges, Berkeley is not known for its support of student art projects, a perception she said she hopes the council will change.


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