For the first time, Silliman College will not host its annual haunted house for Halloween this year and Berkeley College has had to end its long-established tradition of “liquor treating.”

According to Hannah Fornero ’15, board member for Silliman’s Activitie s & Administrative Committee, Silliman decided this year to offer its haunted house every other year because of logistical reasons. On the years where the college does not hold its haunted house, it will instead provide a “Halloweenie Roast.”

“With Fall Break, we really thought there’d be an awful time-crunch for putting the haunted house together — it’s a lot of work,” Fornero explained.

But for Berkeley, liquor treating is a tradition with a less certain future. Though Berkeley Master Marvin Chun will still hold the college’s annual Halloween party at the master’s house, he told students in a Wednesday email that they could no longer authorize large student parties serving alcohol tonight at the request of the Yale College Dean’s Office.

In his email, Chun added that students should only host parties with 20 students or less, and should remember to register any large parties.