The Yale Club of New York City has done the unthinkable — it has temporarily dropped its stringent dress code to accommodate Yalies who are stuck in the city and seeking shelter from the storm.

In a Monday email to the Yale community, Vice President Linda Lorimer announced that the club, located across from Grand Central in Manhattan, will provide shelter to any Yale students who are currently in Grand Central waiting for the trains to continue running. The main lounge and grill room of the club will be open to students and 20 rooms are available for overnight bookings. With four to a room, students can stay there at $60 per person, according to Lorimer’s email.

Lorimer added that the “dress code is not in effect at this time.”

The club attracted an uncanny amount of attention this summer when it made the decision to allow denim in certain parts of the building — and, even then, stipulated that any denim worn by club members must be “neat, clean, and in good repair.” Many alums protested the decision online, scoffing at the idea of uncouth, denim-clad individuals roaming around the premises.

Considering the above, it’s difficult to predict how much havoc a vagabond, raggedy group of casually-dressed college students could wreak as they wait out the Frankenstorm and hope to return to campus. We wish them the best of luck in their travels.