Ending decades of tradition and the rampant spread of pink eye, Toad’s Place at Yale announced on Facebook on Monday that it will not hold foam parties until further notice because the club’s insurance carrier would not cover the soapy events.

“Toad’s will not be running foam parties until further notice because our present insurance carrier won’t cover them,” the status read. “Don’t worry; we’ll come up with other great party ideas. Never forget that no one throws parties like Toad’s!”

It remains to be seen how this will affect Yalies’ dance extravaganzas — namely, the semiannual “Dance Floor Foam Party” sponsored by the Yale College Council. The event is infamous for its racy attire and raunchy fun, and shoes, among other pieces of clothing, are often lost amid heaps of bubbles oozing from Toad’s foam machines.

Even foam enthusiasts have quipped about the problem of health and sanitation amid the mysterious and pervasive soapy substance.

“I have every disease, ever” is how one Yalie described his post-foam condition in a 2010 article for the News.

As of now, it appears to be unclear whether this policy is permanent. Toad’s Place could not be reached for a comment Thursday afternoon.

Regardless of the implications, students everywhere raring to throw on swimwear and rain boots and join in sudsy revelry can now let out a cry of anguish as their immune systems let out a sigh of relief.