Former U.S. President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 is headed to Connecticut this Sunday to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Chris Murphy, who is in a tight race against Republican nominee Linda McMahon for Joe Lieberman’s ’64 LAW ’67 open Senate seat.

Clinton, who gave a widely-praised speech at the Democratic National Convention, has been traveling across the country for the past few months in an effort to help Democratic candidates fighting in tight races. His upcoming appearance in Waterbury, Conn. on Sunday indicates concerns that the open Connecticut Senate seat will fall into Republican hands.

Clinton is just the latest in a series of high-profile political stand-ins designed to give each candidate an edge in the race.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), who gave the keynote address at this year’s Republican National Convention, campaigned for McMahon in Stamford, Waterbury and Glastonbury, Conn. on Monday.

Two recent polls, published by Quinnipiac University and Rasmussen Reports, both gave Murphy a 6-percentage-point lead over McMahon, just slightly above each poll’s margin of error.