A few months after releasing his book “Sex and God at Yale,” Nathan Harden ’09 is back again — this time, with new evidence that Yale students are obsessed with sex.

In a Friday article published with the National Review, Harden (again) criticized Yale’s sexual culture, calling the campus “a bizarre and sad sexual dystopia.” He points primarily to an alleged Saybrook Master’s Tea with “Wilma Dickfit” as another example that the campus has been spiraling toward moral degeneration.

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“The latest example of a Yale’s depravity is so graphic that I can’t even mention much of it on these family-friendly pages,” Harden writes in his National Review post, titled “Yale’s Latest Sexual Perversion.” “Crude, and woman-demeaning, [the flyer advertising the event] is comic material worthy of a 13-year-old’s intelligence and sophistication.”

Harden caused a stir in August when the New York Times published a review of his book, “Sex and God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad,” in which he first accused Yale of sexual corruption.

Besides bemoaning the crude Pundits (?) humor, Harden also pointed to the poster in response to critiques from a review by The New Republic’s Nora Caplan-Bricker ’12, a former University News editor for the News. Harden’s book and an article he penned in August on The Daily Beast website elicited responses from numerous Yale alumni, including former Women’s Forum board members Kathryn Olivarius ’11 and Claire Gordon ’10.

Harden wrote on the National Review that he is not surprised his warnings have been “dismissed by the left-wing media establishment.”

Despite Harden’s claim that “the fictitious flyer wouldn’t be so troubling if it weren’t so true to life,” Wilma Dickfit did not appear on campus on Thursday, casting a shadow over Harden’s fiery concerns over Yale’s sexual mores.