Attention: There’s controversy brewing at Harvard.

An “Incestfest” dance to be hosted by Harvard’s Kirkland Hall this December has drawn criticism from members of the Harvard community and national media for its controversial name. The dance — which gets its name because it is only open to Kirkland Hall residents — encourages attendees to “hook up” with as many other attendees as possible.

On-campus opposition to the party is centered mostly around the party’s name, but the obvious implications of the party’s theme (living in close quarters with one’s recent one-night stands) has also come under some scrutiny.

Students have taken to the Internet to express their frustrations. In a recent Harvard Crimson column, Samantha Berstler argues that the vast majority incest cases involve sexual assault and are not between two consenting adults.

Inappropriate nomenclature aside, Incestfest represents another instance of the growing hook-up culture on college campuses that has been facing increasing scrutiny over the years.

Yale’s own Sex Week, which was held last February, faced its fair share of scrutiny last year from those worried that the event represented the University’s declining morals. The event was eventually allowed to occur on campus and did not elicit any major issues or controversies.