Seven out of 39 food establishments in New Haven have failed health inspection tests that were conducted after the eateries faced a fire or flood.

Restaurants, grocery stores, bars and other food establishments are inspected one to four times a year, or after severe water or fire damage. A failing score is anything below an 80 out of 100, and restaurants that did not pass this year include Elm City Seafood & Grill, Rice Pot Thai Cuisine and Gloria’s Grocery.

But, Yalies can still breathe easily — a majority of establishments did pass the test, including Davenport and Jonathan Edwards Colleges. Jonathan Edwards passed with a score of 89, just edging out Davenport, which received a score of 85.

But Davenport students should remember not take the loss too harshly — the results of the health inspection will not show up in Tyng Cup standings.