The Presidential Search Committee released a statement Tuesday morning officially detailing the qualities that its members consider most important for the next president of Yale.

The statement expresses that the next president must, among other things, be committed to academic scholarships as well as administrative duties. He or she must also exemplify the “highest ethical and moral standards,” be a global thinker, maintain a positive relationship with New Haven and embrace the diversity of the Yale community, according to the statement.

The committee developed the statement after hearing from students, faculty, staff and alumni through several outlets, including the Presidential Search Forum held last weekend as well as Student Counselor to the Presidential Search Committee Brandon Levin ’14, who has met with students over the past month.

Levin said he recognized the student input incorporated into the text of the Presidential Search Statement, which he called “direct evidence that [committee members] were not only listening, but really putting value and worth into what students were saying.”

Read the full text of the statement describing the necessary characteristics in the University’s next president below:

The Yale community has high expectations for the next President. While our perspective will continue to evolve throughout the search process, it is clear the following will be important when choosing the next President of Yale:

  • Yale’s President must demonstrate, through actions and leadership, the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • Yale’s President must embody an unwavering commitment to excellence in the University’s core activities and, in particular, the University’s mission to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge. He or she will be a scholar and educator with the highest intellectual standards and a demonstrated commitment to undergraduate, graduate and professional education and to research conducted at the very frontiers of knowledge. He or she will be or will become a tenured member of the Yale faculty and will have the academic accomplishments required to gain the respect of the faculty and to inspire its members to work with him or her in moving the University forward.
  • Yale must maintain its strong partnership with the community in New Haven while continuing to enhance its contribution to a rapidly changing global environment. Yale’s President must have a nuanced and evolving global perspective while being able to work locally and regionally. The ability to appreciate and move fluidly between cultures and to engage effectively with institutions and individuals from all over the world is essential.
  • Yale is a large, complex institution. To be successful, Yale’s President must understand how to deliver effectively the services necessary to support such an institution. By necessity this includes the need for outstanding fiscal and operational discipline and the ability to make decisions in close consultation with key constituencies. He or she must be gifted in building consensus while having the courage, when needed, to make decisions in the absence of universal support. He or she must be able to communicate any significant decisions clearly and consistently to all constituencies. Yale’s President must also protect and enhance the financial resources of the University through fund raising initiatives and activities and through careful stewardship of the University’s endowment.
  • While the President will lead Yale, he or she will need the assistance and commitment of an exceptional group of people. The President must be able to identify outstanding talent from a diverse pool of professionals and create a leadership team that has capabilities greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Yale is and must continue to be a leader in educational innovation. Yale’s President must have the imagination and intellect to develop and execute an effective digital strategy for Yale and to consider the role and design of interdisciplinary education in the years ahead. Yale sees these types of innovation as opportunities to expand and enhance its ability to deliver on its mission.
  • As one of the world’s finest universities, Yale has national and international stature. Yale’s President must be a forceful public advocate for the value of higher education and research, and for the contribution they make to the common good.
  • Yale prides itself on its diversity, in all dimensions, and strongly believes that creating a diverse community is an essential part of educating leaders in the 21st century and beyond. Yale’s President must relish diversity and recognize the contribution it makes to the mission of the University.
  • At its core, Yale is more than an academic environment; Yale is a living and learning community which includes alumni residing all over the world. Yale’s President must embrace the broad Yale community and have the personal characteristics – integrity, humility, creativity, curiosity, generosity, humor, empathy, willingness to listen and respect for diversity – to be embraced by Yale’s many constituencies.