After a shellfish truck collided into the Loria Center last week, shattering the glass door and denting the metal frame, student library staff members of the center’s Robert Haas Arts Library said officials with the Architecture School have ordered a customized replacement door that is expected to arrive in a few months.

In the meantime, the hole in the Loria entrance has been covered with wood paneling and painted to blend in with the entrance’s stainless steel foundation. The adjacent door and handicapped entrance are both fully functional.

The delivery truck had been carrying boxes of shrimp, lobster meat and haddock fillets when it ran into the Loria Center on Oct 1. Yale Dining also served a baked haddock entree for dinner later that night.

Yale Police Officer William Holohan said the driver claimed he lost control of the vehicle after his accelerator stuck. No one was injured in the accident.