After a second day on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?,” Yale College Council Treasurer Joey Yagoda ’14 walked away with $9,300 in winnings, making it to the ninth question before deciding to leave rather than guess the answer.

Yagoda left and collect only half of his winnings — which had numbered $18,600 at its peak in total — after he was asked a question about what Disney theme park workers had been forbidden to do until 2000 (Hint: It was growing facial hair). Had Yagoda guessed and picked the incorrect answer, he would have walked away with only $1,000 in winnings.

For you trivia buffs keeping score at home, the Calhoun junior skipped a question about what entertainer Fats Waller was forced to do when, at gunpoint, he was taken to Al Capone’s birthday party. (Waller was asked to play the piano).

But, Yagoda correctly answered a $5,000 question on who “Charlotte’s Web” author E.B. White consulted when writing the book. (Another hint: an arachnologist).

When asked Monday about what he wanted to get with the winnings, Yagoda said he would invest in an eReader, among other things.

We certainly think $9,300 can buy an awful lot of eReaders.