A delivery truck carrying seafood drove over the York Street sidewalk and crashed into the front doors of the Loria Center around 10 a.m. this morning. No one was injured in the accident.

Yale Police Officer William Holohan said the driver claimed the accelerator stuck and that he lost control of the vehicle as he exited the delivery loading dock for Jonathan Edwards College across the street.

“[The driver] was attempting to straighten out the truck,” Holohan said. “I don’t know how it ended up on the sidewalk.”

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He added that the Yale Police would not impound the truck since it appeared to be an accident.

“I’m embarrassed, that’s all,” the driver of the truck said. He declined to comment further.

The impact shattered a glass-panelled door and dented the metal paneling on the front of Loria. Students on their way to classes in Loria were rerouted through the Art & Architecture building next door.

The truck was delivering fish from the Branford-based Connecticut Shellfish Company. A second truck arrived around 11 a.m. The two drivers worked together to transfer the first vehicle’s boxes of shrimp, lobster meat and haddock fillets into the second truck.

Holohan said a tow truck would bring the Connecticut Shellfish Company truck back to the company for inspection of the accelerator.

“It’s very fortunate no one got hurt,” Holohan added.

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