Shots fired on Crown. Witnesses reported a shooting on Crown Street early Thursday morning that could be heard from the Taft Apartments on College Street. The victim reportedly walked himself to the ambulance and was seen conversing with paramedics. New Haven police officers at the scene declined to comment.

Slowdown in Cambridge. Harvard University’s endowment fell to $30.7 billion in the latest fiscal year after experiencing a 0.05 percent loss on investments.The slight decline of the largest endowment in higher education is a substantial reversal from fiscal year 2011, when the school reported a 21.4 percent return on investments.

The rumor mill begins. David Petraeus, a Princeton alum and the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is reportedly interested in becoming Princeton’s next president, the Daily Princetonian reported. Current Princeton President Shirley Tilghman announced last weekend that she would step down at the end of this academic year.

Keeping it safe. The Davenport Communication & Consent Educators invited DPort upperclassmen to a “falafel focus group” Wednesday evening, in which students received a falafel sandwich from Mamoun’s in return for their advice to freshmen on how to do Safety Dance right, from staying with friends to finding the best legwarmers. The advice will go on table tents.

Roll out the red carpet. The big day is here: Aung San Suu Kyi will speak this morning at Sprague Hall. Tickets for the event ran out in just minutes last week, but the event will be livestreamed online.

Some jokester. A new Twitter account has popped up titled “Fake John DeStefano” (@FakeDeStefano, Twitterati) lampooning the mayor and his various issues. One recent Tweet: “Did I mention I’m launching an investigation into whether Kermit Carolina is a real name or from one of those porn star name generators?” The account has four followers.

Kickoff. The New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema kicks off today at the Yale University Art Gallery with a 6 p.m. screening of Sebastián Cordero’s Pescador. The festival continues through Wednesday.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1978 New Haven’s Commission on Equal Opportunities sues the University, claiming it fired a black computer operator because of race discrimination. The University claimed the man was fired for unauthorized absences.