Coming off a three-game winning streak, the Bulldogs (5–3) will take on the Princeton Tigers (3–3) this weekend — the beginning of Ivy League play for both teams.

In the past four seasons, each competition between Princeton and Yale has resulted in a victory for the away team.

“We’ve got to try and break that curse,” head coach Rudy Meredith said.

In their attempt to do so, the Bulldogs will have to out-will the Tigers and play solid team defense. Judging from their last three games, the Bulldogs seem to be on the right track. The Tigers’ five yellow cards and the Bulldogs’ three this season foreshadow a fierce game.

Meredith added that the Tigers have an aggressive mentality on the field that leads to their scoring touch.

“They have scored a lot of goals this year,” Meredith said.

But they are not the only scorers on the field. With an 8–1 blowout over the Saint Peter’s Peacocks on Sept. 11, the Elis have demonstrated their scoring prowess.

Despite the high scoring both teams have demonstrated this year, a high-scoring game on Saturday is unlikely. In the past seven years of matchups between Princeton and Yale, scoring deficits have been held to two or fewer every game.

In preparing for the tough competition that faces them this weekend, the Elis have been focusing on team defense, and for good reason. On the Tigers’ roster is the Ivy League’s leading scorer Jen Hoy, who has already put away nine goals this season.

In contrast, goals from the Bulldogs have been well-distributed across the team. When the Bulldogs defeated the Peacocks by a seven-goal margin, just one player scored twice.

The Elis treat defense the same way — winning for the Bulldogs is a team effort.

Rachel Ames ’16 and Elise Wilcox ’15 have been splitting time in the net. All of the players that have played in a game have also started for the Bulldogs.

By continuing their team momentum, the Elis are looking to outplay the Tigers across the field. Ball movement, similar to that displayed in the last couple of games, coupled with deliberate spreading of the field will bode well for the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs will kick off against the Tigers at 3 p.m. on Saturday at Reese Stadium.