As the women’s soccer team prepares for Ivy League play, which begins on Saturday at Princeton, midfielder Kristen Forster ’13 has already established herself in the League. On Sept. 17, Forster was named Ivy League Player of the Week after leading the Elis in consecutive victories over Saint Peter’s University, Iona College, and Central Connecticut State University. Not only did Forster score three goals over the course of the week’s matches, but the goals proved decisive tallies in each game. The News caught up with Forster to talk about her recent success, team dynamics, and the squad’s future.

Q You were just named Ivy League Player of the Week. Could you talk a little bit about what the week was like?

A It was a pretty big week for us. We got three wins coming off our two losses in Chicago, so I think it was exactly what we needed going into Ivy play this weekend; to just gain some momentum and be in some close games where everyone could contribute and just build some confidence, and it was good that each game we got better and better, I think.

Q You scored three game-winning goals [this past week].

A [Laughs] Technically.

Q Technically, sure. So how do you find yourself in the right place at the right time?

A Well I guess that’s what it is, being in the right place at the right time. I don’t know, I guess just never stop working. You know we had our fair share of chances in the Iona and Central games, myself included, and we should’ve put some of them away earlier, but everyone just kept working hard and eventually found our way to the goal.

Q Can you tell me a little bit more about the Iona game? It sounded wild.

A We were up 1–0 until the last three minutes or so of the game, and just had a little mental lapse and a little defensive breakdown, and they ended up tying it up. But after losing in overtime to Loyola out in Chicago, we sort of got together and decided that we weren’t going to make a habit out of losing overtime games, because there’s nothing worse than playing an extra 20 minutes and walking away with a loss. We basically just decided A, we’re not going to lose any overtime games and B, we don’t want to lose at home. And then it was about, I think, two minutes into overtime, it was just sort of like a scramble. We got all the right bounces and it was me and the keeper [laughs].

Q Was that the most memorable moment of the week for you?

A Yeah it was a great week, three good wins, but what it comes down to is now is where it all starts to count … It’s great to be 5–3 going into Ivy play, but this is where it all starts to matter. In the long run it’s about winning these seven Ivy League games … The ultimate goal is to win the championship.

Q So how’s the season been so far for the team?

A I’ve been very, very happy with it so far. I think this is the most, I want to say this is the best, of the four years I’ve been here. This is the best team chemistry we’ve ever had, and I think that goes a long way both on the field and off the field as far as everyone’s work ethic and just being positive towards each other … The atmosphere of Ivy League games is just so different than anything else, it just really comes down to whatever team wants it more. I think right now our team is in a really good place. Working hard, working for each other.

Q The team begins Ivy League play on Saturday. What are you most looking forward to?

A Saturday’s the biggest game of our season so far, and it’s sort of a test of how prepared we are, what we’ve been doing since last November basically to prepare for the play again. Everything in the offseason, in the summer, preseason, nonconference play, it’s all going to be a test on Saturday. Everyone’s really excited and just anxious. I just want to get it underway.

Q What can we expect from the team for the rest of the year?

A Well, hopefully an Ivy League championship [laughs]. That would be ideal, but all we can do really is just keep working hard at practice, on the field, and just keep supporting one another.

Q It’s the beginning of your senior year. How are you hoping to close out your Yale career?

A I guess it really hits you that it’s the last season that you have, the last time you’re going to step on the field. We’ve all been, all of us seniors have been playing since we were little kids so, I think it’s finally becoming real. I’m just excited for these last Ivy games to be honest with you. There’s nothing like playing against these rivals, and it’s just a completely different atmosphere.

Q Are you planning on continuing to play competitive soccer after graduation?

A [Laughs] Probably not. No I mean, soccer’s been such a big part of my life for as long as I can remember that I’m sure I’ll continue to play in some respect whether it be a co-ed league or just for fun, but there’s never going to be another time where it’s going to be as competitive.