Get out the resume. Undergraduate Career Services will host the annual career fair today in Payne Whitney’s Lanman Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Expect suits and small talk.

And get in line. Shake Shack is now open for business on Chapel Street, but lines out the door means the faint of heart can’t get burgers just yet. Before the restaurant opened Thursday morning, the line stretched to the corner of Chapel and College streets.

We’re number 2… 1! After an exhaustive, summer-long examination of culinary departments at all America’s four-year colleges — more than 2,000 in all — food website The Daily Meal ranked Yale Dining as the 21st best college dining experience in the nation. “The dining program at Yale can be summed up in three words: organic, sustainable, local,” the author writes. “Want to see where the chicken you just ate was raised? Done. Students can view the exact farm on Google Earth with a production code provided by the dining hall manager.” Has anyone ever done that?

YouTube famous. Ariane Abela MUS ’10 and Colin Britt MUS ’10 are getting attention on YouTube not for their prowess with Schubert or Schumann, but for a cover of a modern classic: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” The cover version they co-arranged, performed by the 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra, has racked up 80,000 views since it was posted on Tuesday.

More “Call Me Maybe”? In further proof that a little gnome is following you around, playing this song on a boombox on his shoulder, the Duke’s Men are recording a remix of “Call Me Maybe” called “Like Us Maybe” to benefit YHHAP.

The prophet speaks. Yale economics professor Robert Shiller, who famously predicted the dotcom and housing bubbles, appeared in a new interview this week with NPR’s Neal Conan, saying we’re not quite out of the woods on housing prices yet. “Once you have a year of solid price increases, you are probably off to the races for some years… but we’re not into it that long yet,” Shiller said in the interview.

Under fire. Dr. Richard Keller ’78, the former medical director of Phillips Academy Andover who worked at the boarding school for 19 years, has been charged with receiving child pornography after at least 60 DVDs and 500 illegal photographs were found in his home, the Boston Globe reported.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1969 Six hundred female undergrads step onto campus, marking the start of coeducation.