One more time. A speech from President Barack Obama closed this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, drawing more than 100 students to a watch party hosted in the Calhoun Buttery by the Yale College Democrats.

Not all roses at the DNC. Connecticut first lady Cathy Malloy is under media scrutiny for comments she made at the DNC, crying foul over the treatment the American public and media give to politicians and their families. She has since apologized.

Also under fire. U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate who’s facing off against Republican Linda McMahon, is facing questions about a foreclosure on his home in 2007, and on a lawsuit alleging he failed to pay rent in 2003.

The race goes on. The McMahon and Murphy camps have agreed to four debates in October, though none will be in New Haven. Murphy is pushing for more debates.

Make your voice count. Former Yale College Council President Brandon Levin ’14, who is responsible for providing student feedback to the committee searching for University President Richard Levin’s successor, sent an email to Thursday afternoon announcing that he’ll host office hours next week to solicit student input.

Are we really number 2? A new set of college rankings out from CrowdRank — the self-proclaimed “Wikipedia of rankings” — lists Yale as the number two bachelor degree-granting University in the nation, behind only Harvard. The rankings draw on “the over 3 million community votes already cast to bring the crowdsourcing revolution to rankings,” not only the voices of college counselors, according to a press release. Stanford came in third, followed by Cornell and the Naval Academy.

Great faculty support. Harvard students may not be the only ones cheating up North: Former Harvard psychology professor Marc Hauser is guilty of six cases of data fabrication or manipulation in work supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, according to a report released Wednesday by the federal Office of Research Integrity.

Franco GRD ’16 faces suit. James “Does-He-Even-Go-Here” Franco GRD ’16 is facing a lawsuit from a former professor who claims Franco publicly disparged him after receiving a “D” in the class.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1980 193 undergrads are unable to register for courses because they still have not paid their term bill.