City health inspectors gave student favorite Box 63 two weeks to clean up its act after it failed a recent health inspection.

In the latest round of health inspections that ended last week, Box 63, which opened its doors in New Haven last fall, received a score of 70 out of 100. Inspectors cited the presence of fruit flies, rodent droppings, chipped paint and an unsanitary staff bathroom among the health risks that the restaurant must address.

Box 63 and three other eateries that received a score below 80 were given two weeks to make changes before inspectors returned. But none of the restaurants were so unsanitary that they needed to be closed immediately, as has happened during inspections in the past.

Sanitarians from the city health department tested 22 restaurants over the course of five days, 18 of which passed with need for further inspection. Louis’ Lunch, which claims to have offered the world’s first hamburger, received the inspection’s high score of 95.

City inspectors typically review every establishment that serves food between one and four times per year.