Late Saturday night, we learned that Marina Keegan ’12 had died in a car crash on Cape Cod. The death of a classmate is always difficult to accept; in Marina’s case, we have lost a talented writer whose words have already inspired a generation of Yalies to think long and hard about just what they’re doing with their Ivy League education.

As we have seen too often in recent years, Yalies tend to come together when a student dies. We hold vigils in college courtyards and trek to the master’s house, looking for comfort or companionship. But Marina’s death comes at a time when the members of the class of 2012 have separated for the foreseeable future, and underclassmen have scattered for the summer. There is no physical space for us to mourn this loss. What we do have is virtual space.

To honor Marina’s life, we are asking students to share memories of her with the News — funny stories, lasting impressions, lessons from a woman gone so young. We will edit only for grammar, and publish these memories to our blog in the coming week. We will not accept anonymous submissions. To submit a memory of Marina, email it to We will accept submissions through Friday.