It’s almost over. Savor today’s issue of the News, because it will be the last one we publish until August. For breaking Yale news over the summer, check for periodic updates.

A winner. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney cleaned up with Connecticut’s voters in Tuesday’s Republican primary, taking 67.5 percent of votes and all 25 of the state’s delegates. Ron Paul came in second, followed by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Romney swept Tuesday’s primaries in four other states, making him the presumptive nominee to oppose President Barack Obama in the fall.

Low turnout. Tuesday’s primary was marked by low turnout among voters -— only 14.4 percent of registered Republicans voted for a candidate. Only two voters showed up to a polling place in West Rock, though eight wild turkeys made an appearance, according to the New Haven Independent.

More competition. Yale College Chess Club held its fourth annual Bulldog Chess Classic last week. Around 30 competitors entered. Gordon Moseley ’12 went undefeated and won the tournament.

Spread the joy. Happiness came to Bass Library on Monday as a young woman delivered flowers to the various students preparing for finals, bringing out smiles and the spirit of the spring.

Odds, your favor, etc. Yale B.U.T.A.N.E. announced Wednesday what we’ve all been waiting for: The Hunger Games are coming to Yale. Modeled after Suzanne Collins’ best-selling young adult franchise, Yale’s Hunger Games will require each of the 12 residential colleges to choose one boy and one girl, called tributes, to participate in a series of “tests of mental and physical skill” that will span the course of several hours.

Go 2013! Associate Dean of Student Organizations John Meeske sent an email to the class of 2013 on Wednesday to announce a special election for the position of senior class treasurer. “No one applied for the position of Treasurer,” the email reads, “so we will hold a special election for that position next week.” Interested juniors have to submit a 150-word statement by 5 p.m. Thursday.

Cute. Silliman is holding its first-ever pet contest. Nineteen students submitted photos of their pets, and students will vote on whose pet is whose.


1994 About 400 graduate students march for health care benefits in a GESO rally.