Hello, you. It’s been a while. Since last we spoke, a lot has changed. We’re a little less sane, a little less social, a lot more sleep-deprived. We can’t really remember the last time we did all our reading, our p-sets, our laundry. We’ve spent some late late late nights in the News’ building, but it’s okay because we have our own lounge — complete with a mini-fridge.

Over the last nine months we’ve had to answer some difficult questions: What are the arts? What is living? How can we talk authoritatively on them both when we have time for neither? But in the process of answering all of these questions, we got kind of distracted, and then had to stay up all night working on papers and problem sets (but mostly papers), and then we crashed all weekend and so we never got around to it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your ride with us this year. You watched as we uncovered the Maps Department, met the man behind Yale Recycling and exposed Yale’s ties to the CIA. We’ve been watching you, too. We were there when you supported Occupy, created experimental theater troupes, sang in Russian. We strove to record the “arts” and “living”-filled lives you led.

And now, just as we were getting to know you, the end is upon us. Our senior friends turned in those essays, we survived our last seminar, you acted in your final play of the year. This will be the last you see of us for a while. (Though watch out for our Spring Fling wrap-up next week. You can’t get rid of us that quickly … ) It’s warm again in New Haven, and that can only mean one thing. We’ll finally get a chance to recharge our robotic heart batteries — and, if we’re lucky, we might even tan.

See you in September.