Recent Yale alums are taking over the East Village’s theater scene — or, at least on Tuesday night, they took over East Village Tavern in New York City for a performance called “barplay.” The show featured the work of six “truly spectacular” playwrights — four of whom are Yale graduates — putting on a series of short dialogues set in a bar.

Directed by Maggie Burrows ’09 and Cordelia Istel ’10, “barplay” featured the performances of William Alden ‘10, Cory Finley ‘11, Charles Gariepy ‘09 and Sophia Lear ’08, and was put on in coordination with Brooklyn theater company Rudy’s Meritocracy and art and publication salon Blue Stocking Society. All the performers are young writers and artists — Finley is a playwright, Lear is assistant literary editor of The New Republic, Gariepy writes freelance reviews and Alden writes for The New York Times’ Dealbook section.

The dialogues were “performed simultaneously, perhaps more than once” at the tavern. The audience was asked to show up to the bar, drink, wander and eavesdrop on these performed dialogues. Mother Yale flexed her creative muscle, and she said “it was good.”