In yet another sign of ever-improving town-gown relations, a Yale senior is charged with sixth-degree larceny after he and two other students drunkenly invaded Occupy New Haven, according to the New Haven Independent.

Around 6:45 p.m., three Yalies who identified themselves as seniors on the football team visited Occupy New Haven’s encampment on the Upper Green, shouting “We are the one percent! F* Occupy!” before allegedly pushing over a 60-year-old protester and fleeing to Old Campus, according to one Occupier. Once they were on Old Campus, the trio allegedly pushed over a young woman and stole a trophy cup from a freshman male. They then ran toward Popeye’s on Dixwell Avenue while pursued by the freshman and members of Occupy New Haven.

After the three Yalies ran inside a frat house on Goffe Street, the protesters called the police. Both Yale and New Haven police appeared, and one of the seniors received a summons for sixth-degree larceny after being identified by the freshman, whose trophy cup was returned.