John Gonzalez ’14 and Eric Eliasson ’14 will face off in a runoff election for the Yale College Council presidency Monday, the Election Committee announced Saturday — less than 24 hours after the Elections Committee declared Gonzalez the next YCC president.

The Elections Committee retracted their original announcement to comply with a clause in the YCC Constitution that has been overlooked in recent years, the Elections Committee, chaired by YCC Vice President Omar Njie ’13, said in a press release.

The YCC Constitution states if a candidate wins less than 40 percent of the vote, he or she must have 10 percent more votes than the nearest candidate to be declared winner. Any smaller margin triggers a runoff election between the top two candidates.

Gonzalez won 39.79 percent of the vote, and Eliasson won 30.73 percent, a 9.06 percent margin.

“Although this election rule of the YCC constitution has been neglected in years past, we feel it is our responsibility to uphold the YCC constitution,” the Elections Committee wrote in a press release.

In recent years, the clause in the YCC’s constitution has largely been ignored.

In 2007, Joshua Tan ’09 won a three-way race for UOFC chair with 37.61 percent of the vote, while the second place candidate captured 32.41 percent of the vote. There was no runoff election held.

In 2008, the former executive board position of YSAC Chair was won with a margin of 5.4 percent, without a runoff election, the Election Committee said in the press release.

During the 2010 elections, there was no runoff election held when Omar Njie ’13 won the Sophomore Class Council President election with 33.44 percent of the votes, only 8.09 percent more than the next candidate.

The Election Committee added one additional campaigning rule to the runoff election this year: “candidates and supporters may not email mailing lists during this period.”

“They’re allowed to campaign,” Njie said. “The only thing they’re not allowed to do is email panlists.”