The results of Yale College Council presidential election are currently being contested, according to the YCC Elections Committee.

John Gonzalez ’14 was declared the winner Friday night, taking 39.79 percent of the vote. Eric Eliasson ’14 came in second, with 30.73 percent of the vote. According to an elections packet distributed to candidates, a race goes to a runoff when the leading candidate receives less than 50 percent of the vote, and the margin separating the leader from the second-place candidate is smaller than 5 percent.

After the election results were released, Eliasson said he wanted to double check the runoff stipulation in the YCC’s constitution. According to the YCC’s constitution, a candidate who receives less than 40 percent of the vote is the winner if he or she also receives 10 percent more votes than the second place candidate. Gonzalez received less than 40 percent of the vote, and his margin of victory over Eliasson was 9.06 percent.

Eliasson said he contacted the Elections Committee “to get an opinion” on the matter. YCC Vice President Omar Njie said the Elections Committee is meeting today to discuss the rhetoric used in the YCC Constitution. Njie declined to comment about the discrepancy in election rules.

“I wanted to be clear about the rules,” Eliasson said.

Cristo Liautaud ’14 came in third place with 29.47 percent of the vote.