Candidates for Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee chair are running for a new role this year, since administrators have granted additional responsibilities to the committee and stricken the F from its acronym. For her understanding of specific issues that hindered the old UOFC and her grasp of how the new committee will operate, we endorse Aly Moore ’14 as the UOC’s first chair.

In this trial year, the chair should facilitate an improved relationship between members of student groups, both unregistered and registered, and the Yale College Dean’s Office — in particular opening dialogue on sensitive topics such as sexual harassment and hazing in these groups.

Bobby Dresser ’14, charismatic and with an emphasis on being an ear to the concerns of student groups, could expand the committee and lead it ably. But he lacks Moore’s specific agenda for how to do so.

Richard Harris ’15 also demonstrated an understanding of the inner workings of the previous UOFC. He has a bright future on the committee, but he needs more leadership experience before taking on the requirements of this job.

The UOC’s future identity remains to be fully formed, but it still has to work as a bureaucratic support system for undergraduate organizations. Moore’s experience as a UOFC board member will enable her to increase the daily logistical support the committee can provide to registered undergraduate organizations: She cited tangible solutions such as designating committee members to help distribute checks to organizations, holding office hours and weekly roundtable discussions with student group members and improving the capital equipment system.

Associate Dean for Student Organizations and Physical Resources John Meeske has said he plans to evaluate the success of the newly transformed UOC next year. Moore helped draft the proposal for the new UOC, so, although she hasn’t mentioned any ideas about how the role of the UOC could continue to grow to address hot-button campus issues affecting student organizations yet, we hope she will continue to analyze the larger picture. In the meantime, she certainly has the logistical skill and ingenuity to improve the committee’s day-to-day functions.