Changing rules. In an email sent to members of Saybrook College on April 1, leaders of Saybrook’s intramural teams announced a modification to the college’s rules: Freshmen would no longer be allowed to participate in intramural sports. “Adjusting to the rigors of college life is overwhelming, and forcing freshmen to engage in additional physical activity has proven to be far more traumatizing than originally believed,” the email stated.

More April Fools’. As part of a prank, State Rep. Stephen Dargan sent a text message to friends, family and colleagues on Sunday claiming that he had been in a car accident (he hadn’t) and needed medical assistance (he didn’t). A colleague in state government who wanted to “take the prank up a notch,” according to the New Haven Register, tweeted “Dargan in the hospital following accident.” Yale spokesman Michael Morand responded by tweeting “prayers for Steve.”

Streamlining. Yale Dining unveiled a new line of bowls on Friday. The new bowls are white, larger than previous bowls and stack neatly.

Under investigation. Three New Haven Police Department officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after an off-duty shooting incident outside State Street bar Christopher Martin’s Sunday morning.

Nothing doing. Last month, Philadelphia-area high school senior Jackie Milestone gained minor Internet fame — 25,000 YouTube hits — for creating a video expressing her desire to gain admission to Yale. But according to comments on her YouTube video, Milestone did not earn admission to the University when decisions came out last week, and does not know where she’s headed. “I guess I’ll never really know what it is that gets someone into an Ivy League school,” Milestone wrote.

Save the Earth. Saturday night brought Earth Hour to Yale, as Yalies across campus turned out their lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Even Harkness got in on the action, its lights dimming during those hours.

Star doctor. The much-adored Dr. Ruth Westheimer was in New Haven on Saturday to receive a research advocacy award from the Yale School of Medicine, the New Haven Register reported.

Preparations. The Joseph Slifka Center’s Dining Room is closed this week in preparation for Passover.


1981 The Yale College faculty votes to allow pluses and minuses on Yale transcripts. New grades include A minus, B plus and B minus.