Believe in People has struck again.

The elusive graffiti artist’s latest work, finished early last week, is a large mural on the side of Hull’s Art Supply & Framing at 1144 Chapel Street. The painting depicts a man pole-vaulting over mountains against the backdrop of a golden sun. The words “Do Something Amazing” are written below.

A few weeks ago, an intermediary contacted store owner Stephen Kovel about BiP painting something at the side of the store. They agreed that the artist was allowed to use the wall so long as he was willing to paint over the art if they didn’t like it.

For several weeks, BiP kept ladders and paint buckets in the alley. Then, on Monday, Kovel noticed that the supplies were gone. Later that day the intermediary called to say BiP’s painting was complete.

“It’s an exciting vision,” said Kovel. “Its brightness and the spirit of the pole vaulter have a very nice energy and flavour to it.”

BiP gave a shoutout to Kovel and another Hull’s employee on his Twitter last Sunday.

“Shout out to Hull’s (esp. Victoria and Stephen) for donating the canvas and letting me do my thing,” he wrote, linking to a video of him working on the piece. Watch the video below.