I mean, are you ready for a new sensation?

Dancefloor Diplomacy, a project co-founded by Yale’s very own Jakob Dorof ’12, has internet music reviewers going wild, writing up a storm and drawing comparisons with Girl Talk. The group released “We Are Ready,” its first video, earlier this week, pulling audiences into the world of collage music (that’s an ‘a,’ not an ‘e,’ guys – don’t need to panic about campus bro #4759 strumming his guitar).

What the sound really is is a stripped-down cover version of a bunch of songs you know you love, e.g. ‘Toxic’ (!). The band uses the piano and eerie, weirdly appealing classical tones to communicate a sense of tunes we’re all just a bit too familiar with. This time round, we’re going to have to rethink them. This reporter’s particular favorite is a snatch from “Telephone” that had chills running down his spine. 20 live musicians + 1 beautifully shot video (by Theo Anthony, known for his work with bands like Best Coast) make for a promising start.

Come to your own conclusions after the jump. Just have a friend on hand to look to and grab when shit gets a bit too out-there.